What Is RSS? xml-rss1xml?

to get our xml-rss1xml feed if you have an account at Yahoo! or MSN then you have fantastic, one-step solutions. Just click one of the links below...

Add our Family Focus Working Caregivers Personal Voice RSS Feed through your MSN

or add our Personal Voice RSS Feed through Add to My Yahoo!

If you do not have a feed reader then you need to get one. We use rssreader.com as a free download to add their software. Now if you do not have an account at either of the two above then you can add our Family focus working caregiver Personal Voice RSS Feed through your own feeder Subscribe to our RSS feed - Right click and copy into your feeder

For you to get a free feed, update to our site changes right click on the subscribe highlighted line and copy and paste it into your xml reader. Now you have no email to look for just updates of our site through your feeder account at msn, yahoo, or directly to your desktop.