Working Caregiver UK Sydney California Washington Aukland Spain

Working Caregiver UK Sydney California Washington Aukland Spain

Interview Transcript follows,

Question and answer follow - Tell us about yourself what you need Other certifications or licenses? Nurse, Caregiver, First Aid, Basic Life Support?:

Freelance Programmer

Dec. 2002-Jan 2003

Call Center Agent

Cyber City Teleservices Ltd.

CSEZ, Clarkfield, Pampanga

April 2001-April 2002


Saint Louis College,

Management Information System

Nov. 2000-March 2001


and Encoder/Programmer

Saint Louis College,

College of Engineering

& Architecture

Jan. 2000-Nov. 2000

Programmer and Encoder

FEIS Corporation

Poro, San Fernando City,

La Union

Nov. 1998-March 1999

Computer Laboratory Assistant

Custodian (Working Scholar)

Saint Louis University, SLU-NET

Bonifacio St., Baguio City,


March 1998-May 1998

Encoder (Practicum)

Philippine American Life

and General Insurance Company

Baguio Rulla Branch

Session Rd., Baguio City,


January 30, 2006

Certificate of Competency (Caregiver – NC II)

August 28, 1999

Certificate of Eligibility

(Career Service Professional Examination)

April 19-20, 2005

CPR Training

for Healthcare Providers

Basic Life Support Training

April 14-16 & 18, 2005

Standard First Aid Training

Philippine National Red Cross -

La Union

San Fernando City Chapter

San Fernando City, La Union

Jan. 21, 2005


for Caregivers

Question and answer follow -Hobbies, work, interests?
I surf the net, I do art works (recycling thing and use for display), badminton, billiards, bowling
languages spoken written:
Both English and Filipino languages.

Question and answer follow - Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International?
UK Sydney California Washington Aukland Spain
If outside of your home country do you have the requirements, certification, training, for another country? Your Visa, Passport, Sponsor documents? or how soon will you have them?
Things I have: Passport, working certificates, certificate of competency.

Things I don't have: visa

I would require sponsorship if possible.
Question and answer follow - anything else why should you be considered?
I am hardworking, fast learning, patient and trustworthy. I love children and I can be very helpful to elders. At present I tutor basic computers (all level) and do research and term papers for both high school and college student.

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Working Caregiver UK Sydney California Washington Aukland Spain

First Name: Catherine
Last Name: Flores
Country: Philippines
Street Address: #17 Sampaguita St., CVS, Poro
City: San Fernando City
State/Prov: La Union
Zip/Postal Code: 2500
Home Phone: 01163 072 2425372/01163 072 8889629
Business Phone: mobile 01163 906 3023378

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Working Caregiver UK Sydney California Washington Aukland Spain
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Working Caregiver UK Sydney California Washington Aukland Spain

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