Working Caregiver Japan

Working Caregiver Japan

Interview Transcript follows,

Question and answer follow - Tell us about yourself what you need Other certifications or licenses? Nurse, Caregiver, First Aid, Basic Life Support?:
I’m Cecil Luciano, from the Philippines, 33y/o, single, I’m working for the fast 10 yrs. since I graduated college I’ve experience different kinds of work, I worked in a factory, restaurant, office and then I studied caregiver and after I finishes it I work in Japan for 3 yrs. as a trainee in a farm,, I am a person with soft heart specially to the elder person I always treat them just like my real parents

caregiver 6 mos. trainee, first aid basic life support

Question and answer follow -Hobbies, work, interests?
cooking and singing, I can do everything in terms of work.
languages spoken written:
English, Japanese and Tagalog

Question and answer follow - Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International?
I like to work in Japan, any province I’m willing to relocate
If outside of your home country do you have the requirements, certification, training, for another country? Your Visa, Passport, Sponsor documents? or how soon will you have them?
I only have caregiver certificate and passport.
Question and answer follow - anything else why should you be considered?
watashi wa cesu san desu piripin kara, nijon no seikatsu suki desu dakara nijon de shigoto shitai desu,, I am very caring especially to the elder,,while I worked before in Japan I met so many senior citizen their and they are very nice to me, I finished 6 mo. caregiver training may 2002 and on dec. 21 2002 oppurtunity comes to me to work in Japan as a trainee in a poultry farm for 3 yrs. that’s why I learned so much about the jap. traits and culture especially the elder because mostly my co worker are senior citizen.. That’s why as a caregiver grad. I am very interested in caregiver Japan I want to work again there because I can easily adopt someone’s culture and character.
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E-mail Address:
First Name: cecil
Last Name: luciano
Country: Philippines
Street Address: poblacion west
City: general tinio
State/Prov: nueva ecija
Zip/Postal Code: 3104
Home Phone: 63449730435
Business Phone: 63444630769
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Working Caregiver Japan
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Working Caregiver Japan

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