Working Caregiver Canada or Japan

Working Caregiver Canada or Japan

Interview Transcript follows,

Question and answer follow - Tell us about yourself what you need Other certifications or licenses? Nurse, Caregiver, First Aid, Basic Life Support?:
I’m a single mother of 3 kids, I need a full time job as a caregiver.I can take care of an elderly people or even special child, newborn baby as well. I do have all the necessary training to handle those kind of situation.

I took up 6 months training course in caregiver.I attend training course in Red Cross on First Aid and Basic Life support.Trained in some institution and hospital.

Question and answer follow -Hobbies, work, interests?
I love cooking, arts, reading books.
Languages spoken written: English Took up Japanese Language, I can read, write, and speak basic Japanese.

Question and answer follow - Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International?
Canada or Japan
If outside of your home country do you have the requirements, certification, training, for another country? Your Visa, Passport, Sponsor documents? or how soon will you have them?
I have all the necessary documents that are needed to work abroad. I already have my passport.
Question and answer follow - anything else why should you be considered?
I’m a hardworking person, always do my job with love. Can handle any circumstances. I’m a God fearing person. I love children and elderly person.
To contact this professional for your needs as a Working Caregiver Canada or Japan , use the following information.
E-mail Address:
First Name: Myra
Last Name: Contreras
Country: Philippines
Street Address: Aniban
City: Bacoor
State/Prov: Cavite
Zip/Postal Code: 4102
Business Phone: 09104330168
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Working Caregiver Canada or Japan
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