Worker for Cities of Canada USA or Italy

Worker for Cities of Canada USA or ItalyFirst Name: Hulda
Last Name: Urbano
E-mail Address:
Street Address: 100/429 sriram condo sukhapiban 3 ramkhamhaeng
City: saphansung
State/Prov: bangkok
Zip/Postal Code: 10240
Country: Thailand
Home Phone: 662 7282155

Tell us about yourself do you need a full time or part time income? Any life or job experience? Drive? Your Requirements, Other certifications or licenses:
I’m a Filipino, married, graduate of Bachelor of Arts, major in English. I need a full time job. I have an experience working as Sales agent in Singaporian Company in the Philippines. But our company was closed due to changed of management and I've tried to work as a sales agent in Realty Estate but not successful. Aside from realty estate agent, I accept a part-time job as Elderly Care for my additional income in the Philippines. Until year 2003, she's gone cause to her breast cancer. Any available job for me like nanny or baby sitter or elderly care, hotels work, housekeeping staff or Factory worker. I don't drive. I have some Certification from my working experiences.
Hobbies, work, and interests:
my hobbies are reading, listening to the music, and play some sport like badminton. my interest are cooking and sometimes do some gardening like water the plants and cut the dry leaves if needed.
Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International,: Cities of Canada, USA or Italy
anything else:
I would like to thank you a lot for giving me an opportunity to a Free fill-up here in your program. I hope you can help me to look for a full-time job and a good employer. More power to you and More blessing's!

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Worker for Cities of Canada USA or Italy
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