Why is This Right Or What’s Wrong With This? Who Cares?

Why is this right?

This is the story of a local customer trying to help his local health food store stay competitive and remain in business since the internet is hurting local mom and pop type family owned business. Local health food stores need an on line presence for their long term survival.

Can it be true that your local health food store will not carry a product because; as the local health food store owner said "it’s too competitive"? Could it be possible to be too good of a buy for the health supplement consumer? If it is, it’s too competitive with the profit centers from the other items when sold individually, it’s too complete, and that’s without even asking the price. What’s wrong with having a complete package that saves consumers interested in health having a product consumption that is saving money on their purchases? I always thought the local health food store owner being a mom and pop type business would be looking to help out their customers. Now I know the reason why local shops go out of business and have problems keeping local customers coming back for more local off line businesses purchases. Again ask why is this right? True his children need a college fund but who should pay in the short term, local customers or a longer term plan to provide a more comprehensive product that gives the consumer what you are looking for? Where can you get a package the local health food store wont stock because his profits will shrink? There is a way if you want to see for yourself how you may be able to save up to $207 a month as another has done look at the

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why is this right site, ( enter the code # 279048 so you can get in to see for your self )a small highly competitive online business site you may be asked for a promotional code number, use 279048, to save $10 more. The on line community is growing every day. The local mom and pop stores are disappearing especially when the price for essential nutrients in a single container is what local customers need. This should be a warning to all local health food stores the competition is here to take your business now the few off line customers are dwindling in the long term to barely even exist. The competition has arrived are you up to the challenge? Call us for more details about about why this is right.

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