statistician mathematics teaching position nigeria

statistician mathematics teaching position nigeria
First Name: Ibe
Last Name: Kalu
E-mail Address:

State/Prov: Oshodi Parish, Lagos State Nigeria

statistician mathematics teaching position nigeria

I hold a BSc degree in Applied Statistics. I also hold advance level; General Certificate Of Education in Economics, History and General paper.

I am a young ex-solder. I started my military career in 1973 as a boy soldier, in the Nigerian Military School, Zaria at the age of 12. There, I had my secondary and military training. In 1978, I was posted into the finance corps of the Nigerian Army to work as a finance clerk. I worked successfully and discharged in 1997. I attended the university while still serving as a soldier..

I worked as an auxiliary teacher from 2001 to 2004.Then, I taught mathematics. Presently, I work as a salesman. I was a member of The Childrens' Aid Society Of Hamilton for one year. My membership period ended on 30th April, 2004. As a member, I contributed toward the welfare and well -being of the children of Hamilton in Canada. I joined the organisation because of my love for children. Hence, I feel I can also work in the orphanage section of your organisation. I am computer literate.

I need a full time income. I can drive. I require for a help toward gaining a security job; since I am a young ex-soldier, a mathematics teaching job or any other job that is suitable for a Statistician.Hobbies, work, interests:
I produce brooms for sweeping as my hobby, I now work as a sales man. I have great interest in football games, swimming and listening to Christian songs.
Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International:
I will prefer my location to be in Nigeria, Oshodi, Lagos State. I am of Oshodi Parish anything else: Please, give me assistance to enable me have a job.

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