Philippines Caregiver

Philippines Caregiver
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Question and answer follow - Tell us about yourself do you need a full time or part time income? Any life or job experience?, Drive? Your Requirements, Other certifications or licenses?:
I'm Ellen I. Villarino, 28 years of age, married. I have 1 daughter I have completed a formal training course for live-in caregiver program designed for Canada. I have training in First Aid and basic Life Support (adult, child and infant CPR). And I have Bachelor's degree of Computer Science also.
Question and answer follow -Hobbies, work, interests:
As a care provider to my daughter, nephews and nieces I have the same interests or things in common we love to eat, I enjoy cooking, doing household chores, sing, dance, and organize indoors and outdoors activities. This becomes a bonding tool for us. Since the children are in different age level, I'm very flexible when it comes to their ages and I even adjust with their tantrums and personal needs, like any other kids they also have their own problems and I always apply the best solution, which is good communication. Children are so sensitive that's why I always communicate and explain to them up to their level of understanding the do's and don'ts of life.
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First Name: Ellen
Last Name: Villarino
E-mail Address:
Street Address: blk 3 lot 6 Adelina Homes Subd., Cainta, Rizal
City: Cainta
State/Prov: Philippines
Zip/Postal Code: 1900
Country: Philippines
Home Phone: 00639163638364
Business Phone: 00639163638364
Question and answer follow - Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International,: Philippines, 1900, Cainta, Rizal
Question and answer follow - anything else: I am confident of my ability to demonstrate the full value of my services to you just as soon as you give me a chance to do so. You would find me quick learner, and appreciative of details. I have no restrictions on relocation and travel.

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Philippines Caregiver
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