Calling All Parents,

Attention, Attention, Attention


Calling all parents
Another school year is about to start,

if your child or teen has a medical challenge,
they can never be too careful.
Yet, it’s understandable that
they don’t want to expose themselves to
whispers, ridicule or anything else
that would cause them to feel
"Self-Conscious" and out of place.
No child or teen needs the
added pressure of unnecessary exclusion.
Medical ID or child IDs designed by n-style.
Offers style, efficiency, comfort, and reassurance,
view the various styles at cost effective prices.

Something to consider:
the designer and creator of these particular
'Life Saving'
devices has experienced first hand
the anxiety of a father whose child is shouldering the responsibility,
of being medically challenged.

He also shares the greatly desired and coveted
prayer that falls from the lips of parents around the globe;
that their child will enjoy
the precious gift of health, happiness, and safety
which should be the natural birthright
of children everywhere. Especially Working Caregivers


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