Philippines Nurse seeking employment

Nurse Broder Otculan
E-mail Address:
Street Address: oa 62 papasok , tawang
City: latrinidad
State/Prov: benguet
Zip/Postal Code: 2601
Country: Philippines
Home Phone: 09167010437

I’m caregiver certified and a fresh graduate nurse but I’m very well interested and I love caring babies and elderly. I wish to apply as one for the home for the aged or as a nanny. I need a fulltime to enjoy my work. I’m on job training in the hospital for two years.

Hobbies, work, and interests: my hobbies is reading, watching, playing ball games and chatting with my friends. My interest is in the people, how can I make them feel better, how can I make them feel they are important. I’m very well interested in nursing and caregiving to meet client optimum level of wellness in physical, mental and spiritual aspect.
Where would your preferred location be? I preferred that I work on geriatric, pediatric and especially in mental area.
anything else: optimum level of wellness is I want to patients to let them feel they are important, they are being loved, to eliminate feeling of insecurity, anxiety and fear and to cope up with the environment... I love caring and sharing my potentials that GOD has gave to make the patient or a person in a high state level of wellness.