Nurse Caregiver Europe Australia USA Canada

Nurse Caregiver Europe Australia USA Canada

Interview Transcript follows,

Nurse Caregiver Europe Australia USA Canada
Question and answer follow - Tell us about yourself what you need Other certifications or licenses? Nurse, Caregiver, First Aid, Basic Life Support?:
I am Majella Rivera, 20 years of age, female... I am a fresh graduate of caregiver, I am actually looking for a full time job abroad, and also an employer who could sponsor all of my expenses... I already had my working experience as a nanny to my cousins and nieces and also took care of other children...

I love kids so much... on the other hand, I am also willing to accept job that would require me in taking care of the elderly and handicapped. I believe that with the experiences I had encountered at the hospital for my on the job training, I am competent enough to perform the duties as a caregiver and I also believe that this would simply reflect on the grades I had gained on my studies...Other certifications or licenses? Nurse, Caregiver, First Aid, Basic Life Support?: I had certifications from the seminars I attended during my study as a caregiver such as physical assessment, aquatic expo which includes, aquatic safety and water therapy. these are just some of the certifications I had... we were also trained to do CPR, and of course First Aid Management...

Question and answer follow -Hobbies, work, interests?
: I love cooking, surfing the net to increase my knowledge, to be more literate... I explore things that would somehow make me more aware of my world...
languages spoken written:
Tagalog I can speak Spanish and a little of French and Japanese... I am also fluent in English...

Question and answer follow - Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International?
I prefer to go somewhere in Europe, or maybe somewhere in Australia, or in USA, or Canada... Location won't actually be a problem for me, as long as I get my job done, that's fine with me...
If outside of your home country do you have the requirements, certification, training, for another country? Your Visa, Passport, Sponsor documents? or how soon will you have them?
I do already have my passport, certification regarding my study and from the trainings I had, certification of employment from the past jobs, and certification of the seminars I attended...I also need someone to sponsor my expenses...
Question and answer follow - anything else why should you be considered?
I have a background in BS Nursing, I had my affiliations from the different wards of the hospitals and my competency would simply appear on the grades I would be submitting soon...
To contact this professional for your needs as a Nurse Caregiver Europe Australia USA Canada, use the following information.
E-mail Address:
First Name: majella
Last Name: rivera
Country: Philippines
Street Address: #78 blk 1 san manuel
City: tarlac
State/Prov: tarlac
Zip/Postal Code: 2300
Home Phone: +639274723040
Business Phone: +639155704145
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Nurse Caregiver Europe Australia USA Canada
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Nurse Caregiver Europe Australia USA Canada

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