Nanny Caregiver

Nanny Caregiver

Question and answer follow - Tell us about yourself what you need
I am actually looking for a good nanny caregiver. I am a well educated professional. I give lectures and seminars at major Universities on Government contracting and procurement. I am one of the best in my field. I have 2 children that live with me 3/4 of the time. My previous nanny of 4 years was a wonderful Filipina woman, that was wonderful with my children and they liked her very much. I would prefer to hire another Filipina woman that is between 20 years old and 33 years old, that can relate well to my kids. She will have room and board, live in a beautiful home. Have a good salary, and will also be treated as part of the family. I would prefer that she not be married and have no children. This is the reason of losing our previous nanny. She had a family and once she was able to get them to Canada first, she brought them to the U.S. I WAS ACTUALLY VERY HAPPY FOR HER and hope that I can find another Filipina woman as devoted and great with my kids as her.
Hobbies, work, interests:
I play golf. I like to take the kids to movies and out to dinner. Go on vacations when time allows. But Our nanny/caregiver as part of our family will always be invited and made to feel that she is part of our family and always invited to come along. We are looking for a live in nanny
Where would your preferred location be?
I live in Orlando, Florida which is my primary residence. However I have vacation homes in Ocean City Maryland, and also a condo in Las Vegas.

To contact this professional for the Nanny Caregiver position use the following information.

First Name: Mark
Last Name: Mason
E-mail Address:
Street Address: 4213 Summit Creek Blvd. 7303
City: Orlando
State/Prov: Florida
Zip/Postal Code: 32837
Country: United States
Home Phone: 407-857-0599
Business Phone: 407-580-4677
Question and answer follow - anything else: I hope to find a wonderful and caring Filipina woman that is young and professional. I am looking for a long term employee. I have no problem with helping her obtain a drivers license and possible citizenship after time. I hope that you are able to find this person for me. No matter where she is currently living. I can help her with all travel expenses. Thank you.

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Nanny Caregiver
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