A Few Free Medications sites reviewed

and help from Personal Voice Inc

Free Medications are a big help if you qualify. Prescription drug manufacturers have different programs that can help with the life sustaining pharmaceuticals that are needed.

The site that seems to be very comprehensive is

free medications. It will allow you to find your meds and to have your doctor request the med (as required by law) basically verifying that you need the drug and they are asking for it on your behalf. The majority of the processing is done on the net.
I saw no fee for this program
You and the doctor
have to do the 'paper work'
for each drug or manufacturer.

The newest place to visit is pparx.org. This also looks like free with the sam procedures as above.
Almost all of the sites that are referenced
here have income limits which vary by prescriptions,
states and medical conditions.
You have to look and see what will fit you best.
Needymeds is another site that I see.
It charges $25.00 application fee and a
10/month file maintenance fee per Rx.
They do all the paper WORK FOR YOU AFTER IT STARTS.

There is another program
They have a $5 processing fee per med.
The first site that was found is

MedicineBridge Free Medicine are available to those who qualify.
In 2003, over 6.2 million Free Medications were given away through
US Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs did you get your Free Medicine?
The monthly dues like the others
are based on how many meds they process for you
Another site has a pharmacy reward card for immediate discounts. pharmacyreward
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Personal Voice has some free information as to how
you can further help your loved one
to assure they take their meds

and other good information.

If there is anything else on this site you may be looking for use this Google search box


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