Living Will Questions Partly answered

For a living will document use this link

Living will
Sounds like a will but this is for your living wishes if you are unable to make, communicate your desires to medical personal. A will is after you leave this earth, what you want done with your property.

Both are regarding what you want done.
Perhaps this explanation is too simple
and it might be better to read more about how you can register it electronically
and maintain accessibility.
It is a free service for electronic storage in the event of an emergency.
And still if you
Need a Lawyer? present your case,
and you respond only to attorneys
who you want to help you.
It's Free & Confidential.
for you to consult with an attorney.
Most likely they will say a healthcare proxy is better for you as a part of an Advanced medical directive it always depends on the state you live in.
Name an additional proxy as backup.
We are never too young to have such a medical document.

Any questions about organ donation
are answered here
For further help remember attorney's that want to help you
provide quality Wills,
For more information on a living trust

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