Living Trust Helpful but not for Medicaid

Not for Medicaid unless the living trust was set up 60 months (5 Years) before applying for Medicaid (aid to poor),and you have no access to the funds. The funds are in the trust. The Feds passed the HIPPA law which provides for criminal prosecution if manipulation of assets is done improperly. Just to have Medicaid to cover the cost of a nursing home.

Medicare (mostly care for over 65 with exceptions)
only partly covers nursing home.

So you have to make plans now.
In order to qualify you for Medicaid
you have to give away all assets
and then you still have 36 months and 1 day to wait.
The US government is not interested in adding
any more poor people to its Medicaid roles.
In regards to the feds search the
To protect yourself and loved ones now is the time to look into, with a free insiders book/consultation and quote for Long Term Care insurance may be a better alternative.
Now is the time to see look at the alternatives
an attorney specializing in elder law may be the best choice.
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but we trust they are long in content.
If you want the living trust documents prepared
to save on taxes and estate problems see a lawyer online confidentially If at anytime you or someone you know becomes speechless. This picture will link to another site to help when you may not be able to speak or prefer another method to announce your wishes for help-