There is insurance help for you

and your loved one if you qualify

Insurance help if you qualify for FMLA , The Family Medical Leave Act from the federal law requires your employer to notify you in writing that they will cover your health benefit for twelve weeks, if you can afford the time without pay. You do not have to take the time off consecutively. You may have already used some of your time if you went on disability. Please check with your employer if the employer is large enough. You must also double check with your state FMLA, some are more comprehensive than the Feds. There is another possibility if the stress from caring causes your disability from work then you may qualify for disability compensation.

If in the unfortunate circumstance you do not have coverage from your employer then it is highly recommended for a
Benefits Checkup for both you and your loved one. Unless you ask you will not know what type of assistance is available.
We look forward to helping
you as you care for your loved one
maybe now is the time for you to
look at your long term care needs.

Long Term Care Insurance has almost become a necessity.
Life, accident health, group health, most overlooked
help is available.
Independent Agents are best for personalization.
The net will give many sources for competitive quotes but you must be careful.
Maybe this site for long term care can be of assistance to you.

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P.S. Many people don't realize the Medicare provides only limited coverage.
Long Term Care helps you to protect your assets and ensure that you will be cared for after retirement.
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