Home Health Care

Home health care seems to be a misnomer a euphamism like life insurance.

The opposite is usual understood by the terms health care and life insurance (basicaly funds to cover the expenses involved with death). How a great human denial of sickness and death has become such a prevailing understanding is amazing. We are all on this planet for a certain amount of time and then it is over. This is the time that we have to live hopefully healthy. When we age and our bodies wear down and we start to go out we may begin to seek health care but it does start from the food we eat everyday of our lives and the use we make of our minds and bodies daily. In the first years of living on this planet we always had a stay a plan now since we are living longer we need a way to pay for home health care . The questions arise about how to pay for long term care, elder services, senior settlements, viatical settlements, and reverse mortgages.