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For federal comments on health insurance If you have the time to see what the federal government info . Each state allows or requires for their citizens what the state believes is best for its citizens' health insurance. Some states require all to be covered but when this happens the coverage is smaller and the price is relatively equal.

Other states have no open door for all. You can have a problem being covered for insurance based on your medical condition. If not then you can find out real quick about your state by looking for an instant health insurance quote at


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based on your zip code then birthdate(s) and get a fairly quick quote ours ranged from $200-600 (Of course with different deductibles and coverage based on type of coverage desired). Unfortunately dealing with the Feds is not so simple. Back in 2004 the Health Saving Account (HSA) was available, by putting aside a good portion of cash say about $5,000 or the amount of your deductible for families you can use this to purchase qualified medical expenses, whatever money is left at the end of the year goes into a retirement savings account. If you are use to this type of indemnity coverage
with the deductible and co-pays this is another good way to save for retirement.

Ar the age of 65 about ninety days before your birthday you have to apply for Medicare so your health insurance will be taking a secondary role after you stop working. When it comes time for retirement,
many people don't realize the Medicare
provides only limited coverage.
Long Term Care helps you
to protect your assets and ensure that you will be cared for after retirement.
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