Frank, Are you there?
As she cries out in despair.
You gave her love and so much care.
You she trusted, yes indeed.
You bathe her, fed her and kept her company.
She sometimes got combative and insisted on certain things but you could calm her down,
She felt safe and secure when you were around
and when she got confused and felt out of place,
she yelled for you her only familiar face.
Only you could make her blush.
when she asked for a kiss she made sure it was on the hush.
I do believe she had a crush.
She wasn't your mother, sister or aunt.
You never said no or that you can't.
You were there from the start
and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I found no trophies, medal or awards
so I wrote this poem of appreciation for you Frank are truly one if Gods blessed creation.

Dedicated to my Brother in law Frank S Lopez

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