For all Women ( Fashion Bug )s

For all women - fashion bug -s

Be an Ashro woman, develop the sensational woman that you are! The Ashro line offers the very best in the dramatic, bold, flattering styles which accentuates the glorious femininity of the Black Woman.

I’m thrilled with every item which I purchase from ASHRO. Pampering myself has never been one of my strong points, so I was absolutely floored the first time I perused one of their catalogs, I wanted to purchase everything I saw. The styles were and are completely fabulous. It pleases me beyond words to soak up the unique ambiance that each page represents. For decades Black Women have been excluded from the high fashion world in the past. Now with the changing face of America and the global community it’s neither chic nor politically correct to remain exclusive. IMAN, Tyra Banks, and other women of color in the gold plated high fashion world have challenged the myopic concept of beauty. Become a part of the ASHRO experience which in essence is a call to all women everywhere who desire to enhance and cherish themselves and the Eternal Feminine within. VTQ.

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