Your Family Guy Can Help

The family guy plays a big role in the
working and caregiving, sometimes the primary.

Very much unlike the family lack of focus
as seen to a great extent in the media
the reality is that one out of every four adults
are assisting someone else.
A ride to the store, or doctor, just sometimes a visit
or phone call can mean so much to a person.
The family guy can show such care
by spending his time at the loved one’s residence.
It might be his chance at entertainment to
be going over stories of days gone by
with people who actually lived in the depression,
the new deal,
civil rights unrest,
world wars what we call
historic times
(we all do) are great for a historical find
maybe even the hunt for
can fill their time especially the pc-aholic.
Maybe the break for
"get out of the house" entertainment is possible.
There is always more help for working caregivers.

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