Energy Drink Testers Wanted

Energy Drink Testers Wanted

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One tester Pat Crosby, said,

"CRAVE is a pretty green colored powder. Sort of like Kool Aid.

Only it's actually GOOD For you. !

Being a nice and careful yellow, I didn't test my CRAVE samples till I got home to the safety of my own nest.

I had NO IDEA what to expect. And hence was TOTALLY unprepared for what happened next.

WOW! CRAVE is unbelievable. !

Being the cautious yellow, I only took 1/4th - yes only ONE FORTH - of the sample pack. Just mixed it into a water bottle.Shook it up and down 2 or 3 times, and began to sip the CRAVE.

I couldn't believe it.

Now, remember I am moving. Moving is stressful, right? And LOTS of heavy work. Lifting things. Packing. Toting things upstairs and downstairs. Putting things in the car. Lugging things OUT of the car.

Getting your nerves all stressed out.

PLUS, I have SO MUCH BACKED UP PAPERWORK. Ugh :( It really piled up while I was searching and then buying my new property. So my mind would just glaze over and I would go numb with the thought of tackling that paperwork mountain.

Ugh :(

Then, I took a sip of CRAVE.


I couldn't move around fast enough. Tote stuff, pack stuff, Did 4 hours NONSTOP of moving through that paperwork mountain. Filing, Sorting,Trashing, Processing, Making Phone Calls, Checking Bank Balances, etc., etc.

And guess what!

I did not get tired once. Not one second. Not one iota!

Wah!Now, would you think I was crazy on caffeine?

Absolutely NOT.I had really nice mellow, even

STAMINA. And endurance...

(And I did NOT crash nor get a headache or any of that bull later. And slept REALLY GOOD that night.)

And since I could process ALL that paperwork so effortlessly and with HOURS of excellent CONCENTRATION, I think my few sips of CRAVE were a beyond the beyond the beyond experience.

WHAT an .....

WOW! !

Well, you can see I am sold on CRAVE. One sip did it for me.

So, I am convinced on CRAVE

Hmmm... well I feel like 16 - just with better judgment, as Big Al would say."

Individual results will vary depending on your individual health and how much of the product is consumed.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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Energy Drink Testers Wanted.

Energy Drink Testers Wanted.

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