Diet Self-confidence

Diet, most of us think of the first 3
letters of the word die(t) and fear the sound. We must realize that we are constantly
on a d-i-e-t
(the food that we actually eat) is balanced or unbalanced in regards to calories expended and by exercise which can be just walking steady about 30 minutes a day.

The food that we eat may not be absorbed or digested properly as we grow older due to stress or other factors.

The need for more information about the effects of
supplements and foods on the prevention of diseases
was announced by the FDA in 2002.
Most of us just do not have the proper balance
that we need in our lives.
Water is one essential nutrient
that we often eat food as a mistake to fulfill our thirst.
For a lot of us water does not taste good. There may be a physical or chemical reason so why not

Test Your Water?

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diet and self confidence
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After your water is tested
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