Cause of Hemorrhoids

After researching the cause of hemorrhoids, there are a few different thoughts about it. One idea is that is almost the same as a varicose (Tough word to spell the first time, times varicous, varicouse, varecous, varycouse, varycos), vein in the anal area.

The causes seem to focus in on straining the blood vessels in the rectum, possibly from standing, pregnancy, straining to evacuate from constipation, or sitting too long waiting on the evacuation, reading in that position. I have not found any studies that have volunteers do a double blind study to determine the scientific causes. The blood pools in the anal area and cause it to engorge and stretch the tissues that cover the veins. The lack of sufficient water, bulk, fiber, can cause hard dry stools that are slow to evacuate. There is a proven and guaranteed remedy if you are interested. There are other pages of information on this site.

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