Preventing Intensive Caregiving


Unfortunately perhaps the site does not make it clear that our services at ‘Personal Voice Inc.’ are limited to pre-intensive caregiving as a coping and preventative measure against some of the various initial phases of aging.

Our service is intended to help workers whose parent or loved one needs, and would appreciate the systematic, daily or as indicated, with a one on one call with a live person, to make sure all prescribed drugs and/or other ‘Living Essentials’ are successfully completed for that day. Our numerous personal experiences with
hospital stays,
emergency room visits,(2AM)
hospice care,
and all the other distressing areas
which ultimately leads to life’s end
led us to seek a path of prevention for
unnecessary hospitalizations
for as long as possible for those able to use it.
Those precious days of self-reliance and competence
for one already aware of those ‘senior moments’
occurring a little too frequently
often need a kind, tactful reminder
even if they refuse to admit it.

Hopefully, our approach through
Personal Voice will afford caring family members
the ability to breathe a little easier
as they continue to maintain their lifestyle
and responsibilities with greater peace of mind
knowing that mom, dad, or both
have that extra edge on their medications and activities
on a daily basis.

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as a caregiver or about to be
more involved in caregiving who may be interested please fill out this referral form.

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If you have more questions look at caregiver, elderly, or caregivers, also click to caregiver helps or, even alternative medicine during your caregiving times
and please refer your friends before the intense times begin.

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