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Family Focus Working Caregivers com can see the statistics, the facts published in,

The Washington Times, August 6, 2003,

"Pharmaceutical noncompliance is a tremendous problem in the United States that drains an estimated $100 billion from our national economy every year, and is blamed for the deaths of over 125,000 Americans annually (342 people everyday). Ten percent of all hospital admissions
are the result of pharmaceutical noncompliance, and 23 percent of all nursing home admissions are due to people's inability to take their medications as prescribed

To Help You And Your ParentMaintain Independent Living
Your Family's Loved One From
Unnecessary confinement that is caused by not
taking their prescription drugs correctly!

We at Personal Voice Inc.
service in the computer age,

will call and confirm for you, we are family friendly, we have a caregiving understanding. We will do all that we possible can do for you over the phone, at the time when you are not able. We all like to get a phone call just to know we are remembered and loved. A phone call (1-uss-4getmenot 1-877-443-8636)has been proven to be effective in medication compliance. Familiy Focus Working Caregivers com.

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