Dear Caregiver

Dear Caregiver,"What is your single most important question or concern about senior caregiving?"

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From the experiences that we have gone through, it is important that your loved one can express their desires perhaps a legal consult for a will, (pick a provider that suits your needs) . For our info on a living will,

our info page for a living trust, or, Advanced Medical Directives or power of attorney. For a source of documents for power of attorney for healthcare and a power of attorney for finance should be obtained.

Since this could be difficult perhaps a third party who is a professional advisor, elder law caregiver should assist.

If the intention is for a temporary assistance and not long term, it is still wise to anticipate end of life events. It is really hard if you have to decide for them and do not know how much medical intervention you have to choose from if you have the choice. DNR/DNI (Do Not Resuscitate (ressucitate, resusitate,) / Do Not Intubate, spell checker has to add this to dictionary). (I was quite surprised that the Pope did not want to go to a hospital to prolong his life, with by all means possible.) There are a lot of medical interventions that can keep a person alive to a point of death and beyond in one sense via organ and tissue donation. There are questions about the financial resources, spiritual resources, social resources; there are a lot of answers that could be helpful. Most likely if the questions are not answered already by foresight then they may not be at all. Especially if they just want to be totally on their own.

Having always maintained independence it is extremely difficult to give up some self control. They may not have any medical identification to protect their lives in an emergency. For your peace of mind there is Personal Voice Inc. (If you want more information about Personal Voice Inc., working and caregiving, family, elder care, senior help, family focus, job opportunities world wide, poems, comfort, diet, Family Medical Leave Act, free medications, health insurance, eldercare and its stress, some guaranteed relief, Alzheimers info and alternative meds, or health supplements designed for you on the Personal Voice Inc website click your choice to learn more. As you may already know if they really need more supervision of their activities what it can be like. We all like to believe we will live forever on this earth if we look back over the days our years started adding up very fast once past 21 years of living. Honoring the job description there is a month of caregiver recognition in the USA hopefully worldwide recognition for the caregiver will soon follow.

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