Caregiver USA

Caregiver USA
First Name: Alejandro
Last Name: Goyena
E-mail Address:
Street Address: 118 Herrero Street

City: Dagupan City

State/Prov: Pangasinan

Zip/Postal Code: 2400

Country: Philippines

Home Phone: (075) 524-8089

Tell us about yourself do you need a full time or part time income? Any life or job experience, Drive? Your Requirements, Other certifications or licenses?:
I am Alejandro Lopez Goyena, 28 years old, and I live at 118 Herrero Street, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. I finished my degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Computer Science and also finished my 7 months caregiver course, and I am looking for a job as caregiver. Full time job in caregiving is what I’m looking for. I am currently employed as Consumer-Trade Marketing Officer in The Rogemson Company, Inc. located at 122 Old Samson Rd. Balintawak, Quezon City, Philippines. And I know how to drive and I have my license already.
Hobbies, work, interests: I am so much interested in caring of special children and old age.

Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International:
Any location in USA
anything else: I am so much thankful if there is an employer to hire me. I really want to apply my skills when it comes to caregiving.

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