Caregiver Toronto Canada

Caregiver Toronto Canada Interview Transcript follows,
Tell us about yourself do you need a full time or part time income? Any life or job experience?, Drive? Your Requirements, Other certifications or licenses?:
I am a 31 year old male, and had graduated from Computer programmer from STI (Advanced Programs Center) Manila, Philippines 1996. I had been working at the Office of the Provincial Governor, of Bongao, Tawi-Tawi and posted to the record section from 1996 till 2003. Year 2004, I joined St. Augustine School of Nursing and took up a course on Professional Health Caregiver and graduated 2005. During the period of my study, I as expose to different cases to both medical and surgical cases as well as to nursing of sick child and handling and caring of the elderly clients during my clinical periods both in the hospital and community base. I passed the Technical Education And Skills Development Authority which as conducted by the Department of Labor, October 20, 2005, and was awarded a certificate as a CAREGIVER II.
Hobbies, work, interests:
My hobbies are swimming , and playing badminton. I am interested to meet other people of different cultures and race, and most of all taking care of elders.
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First Name: MOHAMMAD
Last Name: SALI
Home Phone: 00639264939092
E-mail Address:
Street Address: Awwal St.
City: Bongao
State/Prov: Tawi-Tawi,
Zip/Postal Code: 7500
Country: Philippines
Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International,: Toronto, Canada
Caregiver Toronto Canada
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