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For those of you who would like some ebooks this is the place to look-- Poetry eBooks in the highest demand for poetry the supply is very limited so there is definitely a market for poetry from to and about caregiving. The few sources that were found on the net all seem to be free.There are also locations that will do customized poetry.

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Specific caregiver poems are most likely found at personal pages.

Why go on?

Submitted by Cindi Myers

Why go on?

Of course, we've all heard
said many a time before,
that a window will open
at the shutting of a door;
and a lifetime will give us
only what we can bear,
but sometimes it's more
than a tolerable share;
then despair rears up like a slap in the face
that sends our head reeling,
momentarily displaced,
so down again we reach
to sturdy straps upon our boots,
and if we had good whiskey,
such a gulp we'd have to snoot
because a reason may elude us
for why the chips may fall,
but there is one-
I just know it;
there's a purpose for it all.

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