Caregiver Japan Canada or anywhere

Caregiver japan canada
First Name: Ma Catherine Jaye Last Name: Reyes
Street Address: 449 raymundo st. san juan
City: morong
State/Prov: rizal
Zip/Postal Code: 1960
Home Phone: 02 6531086
Business Phone: 02 691 58 07

Tell us about yourself do you need a full time part time income? Any experience? Drive? Your Requirements:
I’m employed right now at Morong doctors' hospital.. as a out patient nurse...(emergency/treatment room) I’m a nursing aides.. graduated last April at Tomas Claudio memorial college Philippines...I also undergrad of business administration. Member of Philippine red cross.. undergo different training as a caregiver/nursing aide. I know how to drive different vehicles like car motorbike bike etc, automatic or manual..
Caregiver Japan Canada
Hobbies, work, interests: I’m a varsity players when I was in high school and college. Philippine volleyball player.. I went to Singapore last 1996 play the invitational volleyball league. I love volleyball a lot.. work.. oh I love my work, as a emergency nurse.. coz I experience diff kind of emergency cases. I love to help people.. especially the children..
i love to discover about the medical things.. love to watch discovery channel like FBI files, true crime nights i love it coz I’m so amaze how science help people to discover so many things..i like it too coz I’m working at the hospital and i like to ask so many question bout the things why its cause that, why it happen, what kind of disease, how it be a cure and prevented and how to help people with that kind of diseases.... I’m working at the hospital right now as a emergency nurse.. as of that i saw many diff cases.. so i really love to discover and know, add my knowledge about that. I deal and face many kinds of people and i know how to deal with them. I took care of my grandma when she’s still alive.. she had asthma high blood and myocardial infarction now she’s dead so i focus at my work and of course my son.. i love kids so much.. dance member way back high school and college, fond of listening to music, i play volleyball as my sport quite sometimes. I’m proud to be an education grad, thus i love teaching. i enrolled my caregiver course and eventually finished it because i love to take care kids as well as elderly most especially those who need care and attention.

Where would your preferred location be? anywhere!! maybe especially in Japan or Canada!!

anything else: actually I love to take care children.. I love kids a lot.. coz I have a son... You can contact this Graduate Nurse electronically using the following form


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