Caregiver for Europe available

Caregiver for Europe
First Name: Noche Terry
Last Name: Plantig
E-mail Address:
Street Address: Magsaysay St., Barotac Viejo
City: Iloilo, City
State/Prov: Iloilo
Zip/Postal Code: 5011
Country: Philippines
Home Phone: 362-0258

Tell us about yourself do you need a full time or part time income? Any life or job experience?, Drive? Your Requirements, Other certifications or licenses?:
I'm Noche Terry B. Plantig, 30 tears old, single parent with 6 years old boy, I'm looking for a job that fits my qualification, I've been working for 7 years in electronic private company. I am certified caregiver for child, elderly and person with special needs, at present I'm working in government hospital. I'm looking for a job in Europe as a caregiver.

Hobbies, work, interests: My hobbies are cooking, crosstich, reading pocketbooks. My present work at the Government Hospital as a caregiver, and I'm very interested with the children, elderly and who need special attention/care.

Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International,: I preferred job in London, Belgium, Sweden or in any European Country.
anything else: U.S.A

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