Caregiver Dublin Maunchester

Caregiver Dublin Maunchester
First Name: Jay Mark
Last Name: Daradar
E-mail Address:
Street Address: 094 Marigold St. Carmen
City: Cagayan de Oro
State/Prov: Misamis Oriental
Zip/Postal Code: 9000
Country: Philippines
Home Phone: +639069557387

Tell us about yourself do you need a full time or part time income? Any life or job experience, Drive? Your Requirements, Other certifications or licenses?:
I am Jay Mark U. Daradar, 19 yrs of age, I am a BSMATH undergraduate student, and finished caregiver course at Prolink Caregiver Training Specialist and I am a hardworking person, responsible, patient, and the ability to cooperate as a team. I love this job since I want to take care for infants, children, elderly and special children who need extra love and care. I am looking for a caregiver job outside the country and planned to work in UK or in Ireland. I wanted to have a fulltime income so that I can give my fulltime to my patient. I am a certifide caregiver and finished my training for Red Cross Basic Life Support and First Aid Training, Certificate in Childcare, Certificate in Elderly, and Certificate in taking care for Infants. I am hoping that my knowledge and skills toward this job will help me to be more competitive for this position.
Hobbies, work, and interests:
I love surfing the internet, I have the knowledge on Microsoft word and excel, I am an athletic person I played volleyball and badminton. I love to travel, go to beaches, hanging out with friends, I love exploring the different cultures and that’s makes me think of looking for a job overseas.
Where would your preferred location be?
I have my two choices:
Caregiver Dublin Maunchester
1.)United Kingdom- it is in Maunchester, I have my friend there who is working and taking up his Doctorate Degree in one of the University in UK.
Caregiver Dublin Maunchester

2.)Dublin, Ireland- because of the climate and the peaceful place that they have and very friendly people and it would not be hard for me to adjust. I have my relative there also who is working in a school teaching some of the special children.
Anything else: I am hoping to hear from you as soon as possible since I am interested in any caregiver job that is available from this website. I would wait for your email or call that is written on above information.
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Caregiver Dublin Maunchester

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