Caregiver Anywhere In Europe

Caregiver Anywhere In Europe

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Question and answer follow - Tell us about yourself what you need
I'm Myrna Ilagilag 35 years of age, I have had 6 months training as a caregiver at Asian caregiver enrichment and training and development center for Canada. I need a full time income

I've also experienced working in Scottish family for 8 years in Singapore and later moved to Hong Kong, taking care of 3 young children ages 3,5 and 7. I 'm qualified to provide care independently for children, Elderly and for those people who have disabilities. I attends to various personal needs of employer, children and provides personal care and services to a person in need of such care at their own homes because of their illness and disability or old age. I've proven to be a very conscientious worker, trustworthy, very efficient in my responsibilities and have dedication and commitment in rendering services to the patients. I really love to cook especially western dishes and Chinese food. I really hope that there somebody who will hire me as caregiver or nanny. Please contact me soon. I'm also looking for a sponsor to hire me.

Question and answer follow -Hobbies, work, interests?
I love to cook especially western food, spicy food, Filipino food and Chinese food. Flower arrangements, reading, singing, playing badminton. languages spoken


Caregiver Anywhere In Europe
Question and answer follow - Where would your preferred location be? Country, Area, State, Province, Parish, Clerk, Local, International?
I would like to work outside my country and I don't have any requirements yet for another country.anything else why should you be considered?: I'm really looking forward to work as a caregiver anywhere in Europe or if there’s anybody who can sponsor me.
Question and answer follow - anything else?
To contact this professional for your needs as Caregiver anywhere in Europe, use the following information.
First Name: Myrna
Last Name: Ilgilag
E-mail Address:
Street Address: Blk.8-Lot-15 Dona Carmen St.
City: Dacoville Subd. Dumoy,Davao City
State/Prov: Lupon Davao Oriental
Zip/Postal Code: 8000
Country: Philippines
Home Phone: 2918827
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Caregiver anywhere in Europe
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