Caregiver USA UK Canada more

Caregiver USA UK Canada more than what you expect.

First Name: Rufino Last Name: Vargas
E-mail Address:
Street Address: Blk.9, Lot 2, Agan Homes
City: Koronadal
State/Prov: South Cotabato
Zip/Postal Code: 09506
Country: Philippines
Home Phone: 0832285537
Business Phone: 0832285537

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Tell us about yourself do you need a full time part time income? Any experience? Drive? Your Requirements :
I am a Bachelor's Degree graduate and trained as a caregiver for six months with on-the-job trainings in an orphanage and hospital. I am a friendly, compassionate, loving person - any person or entity who choose me as their CAREGIVER will experience a "Patch Adams" treatment, hence a full time job is necessary on my part. I am an experienced driver with professional driver's license. Other credentials are ready when required.

Hobbies, work, and interests:
I play chess, go hiking or walking, bowling, billiard, reading, loves gardening and cooking, with pets such as dogs and lovebirds, also fish in our small pond surrounding our house. I also love to sing, especially with microphone in Videoke. I have a special interest with children and humbles me when other needs my service which I always find to refuse. Where would your preferred location be?:
In order of preference, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and anywhere in Europe.
anything else: LET ME BE YOUR CAREGIVER, anybody out there who needs one. By choosing me, you will also have a gardener, a cook, a driver, a teacher to your children, an ever present trained first-aider, and a great companion.

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