cancer alternative treatment

The natural desire for cancer alternative treatment is a cause to be reckoned with. The stress of the diagnosis of the disease alone wreaks havoc.

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For the USA FDA AMA or any alphabet soup acronym to stop alternative medical treatments that may not have been proven in this country makes no sense especially when the quality and length of life that surgery and chemotherapy are considered as a side effect. Their own statements are that 80% of "dis-ease" are from emotional factors. Why allow the protraction of suffering and death? Give cancer alternative treatments a chance. Consider the options whether I choose to Live or be subject to a cancer Treatment modality with no positively proven prospects The fact of the PET (Positron Emission Tomography) uses glucose to determine where the activity of the cancer cells is greatest because of the cancer cells having a lot more (6?) receptors to help them grow. He recommended to me 2 books. One book is unfortunately out of print "Sugar Busters" which he said is required reading to help me understand why and some of what's behind High Glycemic Index foods. There is another book that you might have referenced done by a former NCI National Cancer Institute staffer "Beat Cancer With Nutrition". He states that that the treatments generally used greatly tax our bodies nutrition. He also cites many cases where even in stage IV cancers the body given good food (that will rot or sprout) can be built up to containment. If you want to see how an engineer has approached his personal diagnosis see this site cancer alternative treatment which we found from the great discussion board

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