Canada Live-in Caregiver

Canada live-in caregiver program has openings that are restricted to live in as a caregiver in a private household. Caregivers have four requirements 1, must have the equivalent of a Canadian high school education, 2, six months of training or 1 year of full time employment, completed within 3 years of application for a position, and 3, must have a good understanding of French or English, and 4, a written contract with your future employer. This is for a live-in position you must apply for a work permit and will also need a visa to travel. There are very many details involved the best place to look for information about the process is the governments own website the site is also available in French. There is a strong desire for French speaking people to enter and maintain the level of French being spoken in the Quebec Province. There is also a growing need for live-in caregivers in Canada because the population is aging and also growing at the middle you find people with children needing attention and also with their own parents needing attention.

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