Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels

can be helped by eating more low glycemic index and low loaded unrefined or less refined carboyhdrate (cardohydrate) (Glycemic) foods that can be found in a health food store.

Believe it or not it may surprise you but the refined product that we now call sugar is highly attractive to cancer cells (There is in existence a PET diagnostic tool that finds the tumor sites guess how there is a solution of glucose that is activated, radioactively, they injected into the body and the cancer cells eat it up) I find this very amazing and have researched this out to be true information not a rumor so what does that say for cancer and sugar (also know as glucose). The terms hyperglycemia high sugar and hypoglycemic low sugar relate to what will follow. After being told about cancer and its sweet fuel that has multiple receptors for sugar for its energy and reading the books he recommends Sugar Busters and Healing Cancer with Nutrition, I am convinced that the love of such sweetness is a major problem with blood sugar levels, diabetes, obesity, fat, overweight and other related disorders. See our other pages for continuing information.

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