alternative medicines

There are many people seeking alternative medicines . There are two sides to the debate. Basically the drug industry, pharmaceuticals have found some roots in native plants and have isolated the main beneficial chemical and usually synthetically replicate the natural healing ingredient.

There are times when the plant taken as a whole food is better to help in bringing a persons body back into a homeostatic balance. The lobby efforts by drug reps have forced pharmacology which I remember used to be the (apothocary)apothecary store that mixed the plants together. True the drug industry has developed some ingredients to the nth degree so it won't miss its target. I do not believe there are too many people who in a medical emergency or critical situation would not want to use the marvels of modern medicine. It's just that there are some causes for sickness and disorders that can be combated or supplemented on a nutritional basis which would be gratefully appreciated to be covered by insurance benefits.

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