Abandoned oil tank

If you have an abandoned oil tank if the property was converted to gas from another fuel type and left the old tank under the ground it can be more than just taking the tank out or filling it with sand or foam.

After the contractor removes the tank the appearance of holes requires a soil test but do not stop with only 1 soil test. Our contractor decided to save us some money ($100) by not doing another test. The second soil test methane preserved samples for (VOCs)Volatile Organoc Compounds, should also be done for an additional cost of about 100 dollars then depending on the results of the first soil samples if in our case the results are over 1000 for the TPHC (Total Part Hydro Carbons) can save you a fortune in stress of finding someone else to get the second sample and or look for water in the site. There may be another lab fee to analyze the samples but it is minor compared to having to dig again pay again to have this second sample done the first time. The costs of doing it right the second time was an additional $1100. Please heed the warning abaodoned UST can be a problem especially if you do not have a thorough job done right the first time. Find a Contractor
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Aside from an Abandoned oil tank get reliable help