Family Medical Leave Act, FMLA and legal documents


frees family caregivers who can afford 12 working weeks off. Your state can have a more beneficial FMLA. Realize when you are providing medical documents
you may also be eligible for non-sequential time off. Before you are in the depths of caring there are
legal documents you may need and be guided you for
additional help in your caregiving.

There are many legal documents that arise
about a Power of Attorney (POA),
Advance Medical Directive ,
Revocable power of attorney,
durable power of attorney,
Power of Attorney Health Care Directive(POAHCD),
Will, Trust,
Living Trust ,
revocable Living Trust, and Proxies
and a living will .
Not being an attorney I found there are free sites
but you really don't know if they
are legitimate for the area until you use them and then they will refund.
Not trusting free
I purchased a form once and searched the net
to verify if it was acceptable,
modified it and then find out in reality it was not necessary.
The time spent searching the info would have been saved
and properly done if I knew about
using the site could have saved several hundred dollars
if only knew about this before.
They not only help with documents
but also provided phone legal consult very reasonably.
Skyrocketing costs and
legal mumbo jumbo can be intimidating to anyone Legal zoom can help alleviate your concerns
economically with one of the very best legal staff available.

Hope you are eligible for FMLA. If the stress is too much
look into disability as an option.

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