Alzheimers Info that can help

The has reported factors that can influence risks of the disease. All of the following listed items except for reading are available by Personal Voice Inc to follow up with your loved one. We know how an outside influence can accomplish results in some areas that a family member has difficulty.
    1. (Exercise) walking can maintain your brain.
      2. (chats) talking
        3. (check up calls) you name a specific topic if you want (special old time radio and early TV classics)
          4. body weight
            5. lower blood pressure
              6. cholesterol,
                7. blood sugar
                  8. reading
                    9. multivitamins (Mulitvitamins first typo here) including Folic acid
                    Vitamins E & C
                    Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
                  The above info comes from

                  their website

                  There are

                  alternative medicine options which you may be interested in.
                  Novmber is the month that is recognized for Alz's awareness. See more more info on click here.

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