Advanced Medical Directive

and legal documents

Advanced medical directive, LEGAL DOCUMENTS ONLINE!, living will , power of attorney,
proxies are not new terms to working caregivers.


Focus on the Family , there are many good reference sources on caregiving and legal documents. Just like the questions about a (POAHCD),
Power of Attorney Health Care Directive,

or living will , a will, living trust, or revocable trust. It depends on the state that you live in.

The breakdown consists of two sections.

What you want done
to keep you alive and or

who you appoint
to be acting on your behalf to carry out your wishes.

There are 2 basic documents, in some states it is one document. Having differing names but the same intention some of the names are a physicians directive, or medical directive,
in regards to what you want.

The who can be called a patient advocate, health care surrogate, healthcare agent, or proxy.

It is wise to prepare for such an event in time of accidents. Also remember that a power of attorney for finances is also helpful. It is always depending on the individual circumstance if a power of attorney is needed in a hurry. Just to help you and your loved one. We have found a website that we would recommend for you to look at for further help and guidance, see this site for

Advanced medical directives for document help. Legal Documents ONLINE @ Legalzoom

For more information on a living trust look at this link for advanced medical information. Also
for more info on advanced medical directives.

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